Uppercase Alphabet Letters

Teachers often have difficulty in guiding their students in learning to read and write. The letter recognition process takes a long time. So even in the pronunciation or spelling. The stage of making curved lines, straight lines, connecting dots, even thick lines that have been patterned with certain letters have also been done. However, that still leaves a problem.

The character of a kid who is still lazy when faced with unfamiliar situations will weaken his interest in reading and writing as well.

One of the difficult situations students face is when they are directed by the teacher to write in capital letters. For this reason, we provide uppercase alphabet letters to practice of writing capital letters

image via www.havaefunteaching.com
image via www.kidsworksheets.org
image via www.learningprintable.com
image via www.jamesriverhorses.com
image via www.megaworkbook.com

Train them by working on the uppercase alphabet letters above which will give them an understanding of uppercase or capital letters. After students read fluently and have high self-confidence, it is time for the teacher to introduce lowercase letters. Convince them that, uppercase and lowercase letters are different but have the same sound. If they are fluent in reading and writing with uppercase letters, they will surely be fluent in reading and writing with lowercase letters.

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