Unicorn Connect The Dots

Unicorn connect the dots is a skill training sheet for preschool children or early childhood. Presented in a very interesting unicorn animal theme and will definitely be liked by children.

In addition, the questions in this exercise sheet are also very easy so that the children will have no difficulty solving them. And here are some examples of skill training sheets in unicorn connect the dots.

printable unicorn connect the dots
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unicorn connect the dots for kids
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cute unicorn connect the dots
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Example of the first exercise sheet, presented the connect the dots exercise sheet with pictures of unicorn animals. It’s just that some parts of the unicorn image are still not perfect. The child’s task is quite easy, they just need to combine every available dots in the picture. Each dots is also equipped with the letter a-z so that it will make it easier for children to complete this exercise sheet. Once formed into a whole unicorn picture, children can continue to color the picture to make it look more beautiful.

coloring unicorn connect the dots
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unicorn connect the dots worksheet
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The second example exercise sheet is a bit more difficult than the previous exercise sheet. Because the unicorn image presented is also more complicated. Even more dots have to be joined by children, supplemented by the numbers 1-59. Therefore accuracy is needed when working on this second exercise sheet. In addition, children are also required to focus on completing the training sheet that has been given.

That was a few examples of practice sheets in unicorn connect the dots. Aside from being fun, connecting te dots activities also provide many benefits for children’s development. For example, training in writing skills, training in fine motor skills, training in concentration and focus, and increasing education about unicorn animals which are the theme of the connect the dots activity.

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