Tracing Shapes Preschool and Why It’s Important

Hand control is important for children to be able to write neatly, eat, and perform personal caretaker. The best way to improve hand control is to practice how to grip a pencil and move it. One of the tools to practice is by giving children tracing shapes preschool worksheets.

Experts claim that with touchscreen technology rising, it causes handwriting decline. The Guardian also reports that Sally Payne, therapist of Pediatric Occupational from Heart of England Foundation says that school children today have no hand strength and dexterity as they used to 10 years ago. This idea is coming from a situation where children are struggling with holding a pencil.

On the other hand, there are four basic mature pencil grasp types. But, in 2021, a study of 120 fourth graders stated that none of those four came out as a better choice. So, it doesn’t matter how children grasp their pencil if it comforts them to write. The most important thing is practicing and encouraging them.

Tracing Shapes Preschool

Meanwhile, tracing shapes for preschool has benefits on their writing process and strengthens their hand control. Below are the reasons why tracing shapes preschool is important:

1. Develop Motor Control

Shapes is a fun and engaging child to learn to hold pencils correctly. It helps them control pencils so they can draw shapes correctly. When they move their pencil on the sheet and follow the trace, automatically their muscles work. This activity strengthens their muscles and trains their motor control in a fun way.

Tracing Shapes Preschool

2. Improve Creativity

By tracing shapes and with help from teachers and parents, children will know what things can be made from shapes. Or what color to put on and what drawings can be made from shapes. For example, you can draw a flower from a circle or a mouse face from a triangle. That is where creativity begins.

Tracing Shapes Preschool

3. Improving Basic Math Skills

Shapes are part of math where in the future children may study how to determine spacious and surrounded. So, this is a very good start for them to know what shape is and to know the kind of it. By tracing they will know what a triangle looks like, rectangle, hexagon, circle, and so on.

Tracing Shapes Preschool

4. Get Familiar with Scissors

This activity is also good for them to know how to use scissors. After tracing the shapes, ask them to cut them with paper scissors. Since they are still at preschool age, don’t give them steel scissors as it may be dangerous. Instead, let them use paper scissors which are safer. Now they know that there is something called scissors that can be used to cut a shape.

Tracing Shapes Preschool

5. Improve Focus

The worksheet is very good to train their focus. Tracing shapes is one of the best worksheets to make them focus on something. The following trace with their pencil and then identifying the shape is the way to stimulate their brain too. Besides, this activity needs concentration which is good to train focus.

Tracing Shapes Preschool

Tracing shapes preschool is a fun and encouraging activity to boost mood, focus, creativity, and most of all hand and motor control. So, no need to worry if your children live in a touchscreen era because motor skills can be sharpened in any other way.

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