The Use of Tracing Shapes Worksheets for Kid’s Learning and Development

Writing is one of the problems that many children in kindergarten and elementary school face. Around 10-30% of kids in school don’t know and can’t write well. Normally, this fact is caused because kids are not used to writing. Hence, it is important for kids the basics of writing starting from tracing. One of the ways to train kids to start writing is by using tracing shapes worksheets.

Tracing is one of the first steps to start writing. By tracing, kids can practice how to hold a pen correctly and follow the lines of a shape. However, beyond that, the tracing shape worksheet can teach children more lessons than just tracing. Here are some lessons can learn from a tracing worksheet:

1. Pre-Writing

Tracing is one of the most effective ways to teach kids how to write. With tracing shapes worksheets, kids can practice how to make circles, squares, triangles, and other shapes that are the basis of most numbers and alphabets. If kids have a hard time following the lines, then let them make curves, so they get used to the grip first. Once they can get a grip, it will be easier for them to follow the lines and start tracing.

Tracing Shapes Worksheets

2. Teach Shapes & the Names

Tracing shapes is also a great way to teach kids the names of a shape. Most kids know the shapes but don’t know the names. So, when they have finished tracing the worksheet, rather than throwing it away, parents can use the worksheet to teach the names of the shapes. Normally, kids will memorize the name easier because they are the ones who’ve made it.

Tracing Shapes Worksheets

3. How to Focus & Concentrate

The next thing children can learn from the tracking worksheet is how to concentrate. Tracing consists of small lines that kids must follow, so kids must focus on the lines to make the shape. They may not succeed on the first try but don’t give up and help them out. Try out giving the worksheet 2-3x a week, so they can get the hang of it.

Tracing Shapes Worksheets

4. Develop Drawing Skills

One of the skills that parents don’t realize that can also be developed by this worksheet is kids drawing skills. By doing some tracing, kids will learn how to create movements such as a straight line, curves to crossing lines. By knowing how to make curves, kids can learn how to make a simple rainbow.

Tracing Shapes Worksheets

5. Boost Kids Confidence

When kids can finish or succeed in tracing a shape, it will surely help boost their confidence. Once they can finish a shape, kids will be confident in working on other shapes or worksheets too. On the other hand, if they don’t succeed, help them out and still praise them by telling them how good they have done. This response will at least inspire them to continue the class.

Tracing Shapes Worksheets Tracing Shapes Worksheets

Before giving tracing shapes worksheets, parents can start by giving simpler worksheets that consist of one or two types of lines. Once they develop and get used to it, parents can upgrade the sheets to a harder level such as tracing shapes or letters.

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