Telling Time Worksheets

Telling time worksheets are learning sheets that will help children learn to read hours, especially analog clocks. To read an analog clock is not as easy as reading a digital clock. What’s more for children, reading analog clock requires practice and understanding so they can read the clock correctly.

Therefore the telling time worksheets are present as learning media for children to practice their skills in reading analog clocks.

blank telling time worksheets
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easy telling time worksheets
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printable telling time worksheets
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In the following time telling worksheets, there is an interesting collection of study sheets. For example the sheet learns to read time on an analog clock. Presented a study sheet containing a collection of analog clock images that show different times. The task of the children is to read the time shown in the hands of each clock. Then the children can write the answers in the column that is already available.

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telling time worksheets
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But before teaching children to read time on an analog clock, it is better to invite children to get to know the parts of an analog clock. Analog clock itself uses two or three needles as a timepiece. Short hands show hours, long hands show minutes, and other long hands show seconds. But on several hours especially the alarm clock, usually there is an additional needle used to set the alarm time.

After knowing the analog clock parts in children, then there are several stages that can be used to start teaching children to read analog clocks. The first stage is to make sure the time is right. The most appropriate way to teach children to read analog clocks is at the age of 5-6 years. The next step is a counting exercise with a multiple of five. The next step is to invite children to discuss the concept of time. The next step is to explain about how to work the hands of the clock, count the time on the clock, the last is to explain about the count of minutes.

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