Telling Time Worksheets Lesson Plan for Children

Some school children find telling time worksheets is difficult. As part of math exercises, telling time is an important skill. Although, teachers sometimes also face difficulties on how to teach their pupils about telling time. So, how do you set a lesson plan to build a strong understanding of this matter? Read the below article.

Truth is that children younger than 5 or 6 find more difficulties in learning time. It is because they don’t have a strong math base yet. But schoolchildren at age 5 or 6 also still find difficulties and confusion about this skill. They often confuse about an hour, half-hour, and quarter.

Telling Time Worksheets

So, teachers must have a lesson plan to make students understand. Don’t worry, you can follow below step by step:

1. Strengthen Time Concept

First, you can help them strengthen the concept of time. A discussion about morning, afternoon, and also night is a good start. For example, ask them what time they usually have breakfast, when they go to school, or when they brush their teeth. Ask them to make categories, what activity in the morning, afternoon, and night.

2. Get More Specific with Time Concept

After they get a better understanding of when they usually do something, the teacher can go further. Explain to them that there is an exact time and period when they do something. For example, breakfast at 7.00 am, school at 7.30 am, reading time at 15.00 pm, and bedtime at 9.00 pm. It is better to use an analog clock when you teach them this.

Telling Time Worksheets

3. Introducing Minutes and Hour

You can show them a digital clock when you start this step to get them to know the hours and minutes. And then, explain to them numbers before colon shows hour, and after colon shows minutes. Now, should you turn to the analog clock and set it to 9.00 for example and do the same on the digital clock. Let them know that there is no minute at the exact 9 o’clock.

Telling Time Worksheets

4. Explain Long and Shorthand on Analog Clock

Before jumping into the telling time worksheets, it is better to deepen their understanding. Sometimes they are confused about longhand and shorthand, and why they don’t move together. This step allows you to teach them about hours and minutes, also an hour and half-hour, quarter, pass, and to. Be patient in this step since this is considered the hardest concept to understand.

Telling Time Worksheets

Telling Time Worksheets

5. Homework and Assessment

While you keep teaching them about the time concepts, you can now give them homework to practice their understanding. It could be started with recognizing numbers, missing numbers, and sequences on analog clocks. Continue the worksheet with grouping time and activity, for example, what time in the morning you do something. Keep going with other assessments on a different level as well.

Telling Time Worksheets

Telling time worksheets is the best way to boost kids’ understanding of the time concepts. So, children will know the schedule and consequences. For example, when they must go to school, what time they must have dinner, and so on. Also, it helps them understand if they still have plenty of time or are running late.

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