Shapes and Sides

The introduction of shapes and sides are considered important to be introduced from an early age because it is part of form recognition learning. This is one of the earliest concepts that must be mastered by kids in cognitive development.

Kids can distinguish objects based on shapes before they are based on other characteristics. By providing an introduction to geometric shapes from an early age, kids get learning experiences that will support mathematics learning at the next level of education.

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The shapes and sides of learning are done by introducing forms related to concrete objects in the environment around the kid, such as the form of books, blackboards, tables, flags and so on. Learning needs to be designed so that more kids carry out exploration activities in various forms that they often encounter in their daily lives.

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We must plan, design and hold learning resource centers that are appropriate to the cognitive development methods that are appropriate for different levels of kid’s abilities. This is certainly much related to kid-centered learning. Usually it is done to name the geometry shape and the kid is asked to repeat it, then do a question and answer. This is done repeatedly with the aim that kids can memorize geometric forms. Kids are not given other activities in this study. Of course, according to the concentration power of kids aged 5-6 years which is still short, kids will not feel at home with such monotonous learning. Kids will start fighting and turn attention to other things that they think are interesting.

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