Same or Different Worksheets

Learning accuracy can be taught to kids from an early age. One game that is often presented in magazines and books for kids is that the game looks for differences in images that are almost the same or can also be called same or different worksheets. One of the goals of this game is to make the kid’s eyes more observant and patient to find differences or similarities in the pictures.

Same or different worksheets are an educational game. No less exciting and fun this game is played on paper prints, while the kid scribbled on parts that are not the same. Well, before downloading the same or different worksheets, here are the benefits of finding differences or similarities in images.

same or different worksheets for preschool
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Train the Right Brain

As we know the right brain functions to hone creativity, imagination, and visualization power. In the game looking for differences that are visualized through images of course the right brain will be moved.

same or different worksheets fun
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Make kids more sensitive

In reality many things are similar but not the same. Through games looking for differences, kids are trained to be more sensitive to finding differences.

same or different worksheets kids
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Train Kid hood Patience

Maybe not all kids like this game. Because finding points of difference in pictures that are almost the same requires patience. Can kids be patient in doing this? Please prove it directly.

same or different worksheets for kindergarten
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Train the Speed ​​of Seeing

When you find one point of difference, perhaps your baby is moved to find other differences. Give encouragement, to try to find other differences. Perhaps in addition to being sensitive, the eyes of the mother’s baby can quickly find.

same or different worksheets for kids
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Learn Accuracy

Teaching accuracy can be done since early kid hood. One of them through the game found a difference, kids can be invited to learn accuracy while playing. Learning accuracy will be useful when kids face school exam questions until later they will be more critical of everything.

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