Reward Chart Printable

Reward chart printable is a reward sheet that is commonly used to give rewards or gifts to children for a job or activity that they have done.

This reward chart is also very helpful in training a child’s discipline. Also as a motivation for children to be more active and diligent in doing an activity. Because later they will get a reward or gift after finishing working on the activity.

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reward chart printable
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To fill the reward chart you can use several methods. For example, attach a star, a small badge, or something else. Besides giving praise or congratulations to children for the achievements they have achieved also need to be done to increase motivation for them. But the reward that kids love the most is, of course, a gift in the form of goods. The size of the prize given can be adjusted to the level of achievement that has been achieved by children.

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So far, some have considered that the reward system is not good for children. They argue that the reward system is the same as teaching children to want to be bribed. However, this opinion was rejected by psychotherapists who specialize in children’s behavior. These psychotherapists claim that reward is not a bribe or bribe. Precisely reward is very useful to monitor the progress achieved by a child. The more points in the reward chart, it shows the progress made by the child.

The few things that must be considered in using the reward chart system are as follows. Make sure the child’s age is right, which is the age range of 3 to 12 years. Decide on the assignments and awards that you get. Gifts do not need to be expensive, as long as they can increase motivation for children. Do not take more gifts that have been given to children as a negative consequence. Don’t bribe a child. And don’t forget to discuss and review the reward chart regularly.

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