Printable Sudoku Puzzles

Ever heard of the term sudoku? For lovers of puzzle games of course familiar with this one game. Sudoku is a number crossword puzzle game that is very popular in the world. At first glance this game is similar to crosswords in general. It’s just that the crossword puzzle focuses on letters, while the focus of the sudoku game is on the arrangement of numbers.

How to play this puzzle is somewhat tricky. Easy for those who are experts, but for those who have never played this game it will certainly be a headache. The following is a collection of printable sudoku puzzles that can be an exercise for you.

easy printable sudoku puzzles
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printable sudoku puzzles for fun
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printable sudoku puzzles worksheets
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For your information, the name sudoku is an abbreviation of “suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru” taken from Japanese which means “the numbers must remain single”. This game is one of the oldest puzzle games. First appeared in the French newspaper in 1895 or about a century ago. Over time sudoku began to appear in the latest version which began in Indianapolis in 1979. Then returned to fame in Japan in the 1986 range.

printable sudoku puzzles
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printable sudoku tricky puzzles
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In the following printable sudoku puzzles, sudoku is displayed in a 3×3 column which usually amounts to 6 columns. This means that there are a total of around 54 boxes in each sudoku puzzle sheet. Each column already contains a choice between 1-9. To solve this puzzle the player must fill in the blank columns with numbers 1 to 9 on each row, column or box that is already available. The rule is, each number only appears once in each row, column or box and there shouldn’t be the same number.

Aside from being an entertainment, sudoku games are also able to train concentration, accuracy and accuracy for the players. Each puzzle player is required to always be observant in order to complete each level of the game.

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