Printable Paint by Numbers

Printable paint by numbers is one of the coloring sheets suitable for pre-school children or kindergarten students. This coloring activity sheet will train the accuracy and creativity of a child. Besides that it is also at the same time as a medium for color recognition in children.

It is presented in attractive pictures and is certainly well-liked by children. Like pictures of butterflies, pictures, flowers, pictures of trees and so forth.

easy printable paint by numbers
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palm tree color by number
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printable fruits paint by numbers
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One example of printable paint by numbers is a butterfly coloring picture. On this coloring activity sheet, each part of the butterfly image has numbers that will later point to the type of color that should be used. For example the number 1 for blue, 2 for orange, 3 for yellow, 4 for green and 5 for red. Here the children just need to follow the number instructions to apply the colors already listed on the picture.

printable paint by numbers for kids
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printable paint by numbers worksheets
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Another example is a picture of a coconut tree and vegetation around it. Just like the first example, in this second example the picture of a coconut tree is already equipped with numbers 1-20 as a guide for the application of color. The numbers are certainly very helpful for children in completing each coloring activity sheet assignment. And the results will be better if compared without using a number hint.

Coloring activities are indeed the activities most liked by children. Through this activity children can freely express their creativity. Besides coloring activities also provide many benefits for the child’s growth and development process. Like being able to develop motor skills, increase concentration, as a medium of expression, and also as the most effective medium for introducing the types of colors in children.

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