Preschool Counting Worksheets

Preschool Counting Worksheets will help develop children’s intelligence in counting activities. Presented in the form of a pictorial question sheet to make it easier for children to learn it.

At the same time so that children do not get bored quickly with their numeracy activities. Preschool Counting Worksheets are guaranteed to be very liked by children and make them more enthusiastic in learning.

preschool counting worksheets with images
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preschool counting worksheets
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Examples of problems in Preschool Counting Worksheets are numeracy tasks that are presented in the form of drawings. Children will be given an assignment sheet containing pictures of goats, birds, pigs, rabbits, cats and donkeys. The child’s job is to count the number of animals from each picture. Then fill in the answers into the box provided to the right of the question sheet.

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Another example problem is that there is a large box containing pictures of animals such as turtles, elephants, chickens and so on. Under the pictures of animals are provided a choice of numbers. The child’s task must be to choose numbers according to the number of animals in the box. The next form of questions is a picture of a cow with a black pattern on its body. Child’s assignment matches the number of shades on the cow’s body with the number that has been available to the left of the assignment sheet.

Those were some examples of problems in preschool counting worksheets. The assignments are quite easy and certainly children will find the answers more quickly. Besides the interesting form of questions will make children more active in learning to count. And certainly very effective for developing children’s intelligence.

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Apart from the Preschool counting worksheets above. Preschool education is indeed very important to train children psychologically and mentally. Also train various skills, language and shape the confidence of children to explore their independence. Pre-school education usually occurs at the age of 1 to 6 years. This period is usually called dengam golden age. Which role of parents is very important to help shape the child’s character before later taking formal education.

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