Pre K Worksheets Numbers

Cognitive intelligence in early kid hood is often translated by parents as the ability of reading, writing and arithmetic so that kids are encouraged to take control of reading, writing and arithmetic as early as possible. Even some basic education institutions even use the standard of reading, writing and arithmetic ability as a condition of student admission.

Stimulating kids to be able to reading, writing and arithmetic is not something that is wrong but certainly needs to consider several things related to the stages of kid development in recognizing numbers and writing. Psychologically, kids aged <5 years, cognitive development entering the motor sensory stage – pre-operational with the characteristics of the learning stage focus more on experience observing and imitating so that the kid’s imagination develops rapidly in describing something he sees.

Stages of learning to read, write and count in kids should pay attention to the stages of kid development abilities. Forcing kids to go through each stage of writing is not recommended.

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In early kid hood, the ability to reduce the amount of reduction should not be forced to be taught to kids. Kids should get to know first about the concept of numbers such as numbers and certain numbers that have a value greater than or smaller than the other numbers. The addition and subtraction material should be developed at the basic education level after the kid first knows the concept of numbers.

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Hopefully the number pre k worksheets numbers above can help your kid learn to recognize numbers, you can download and print them on A4 paper for free.

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