Potty Chart

One of the important skills that you should introduce early on to your kid is potty training or training to defecate in the toilet. There will be many conveniences that you and your kid will feel if these skills have been mastered. One of them no longer depends on diapers and is free from the problem of bed-wetting in any place. But when should potty training introduced to the kid?

Potty training is best done early. Ideally, after entering the age of 18 months, the kid will be ready to do potty training, because he has been able to stand up properly, sit down, and schedule a more regular bowel movement. However, do it gradually and patiently. Remember, every kid has different readiness.

To make it easier to monitor, we provide a potty chart to see your kid’s development. You can download and print as many as you need.

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potty chart ideas
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In some kids, the desire to learn to go to the toilet only appeared when he entered the age of 24 months. This is often because they have not been able to control the urge to urinate or defecate, so the training process must be done in stages. Sometimes, the ability to speak to convey a desire to toilet in kids under 24 months is also still limited. Don’t worry, all this is normal

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