Potluck Sign Up Sheet

In the school environment, maintaining togetherness and intimacy between friends is important so that the work atmosphere becomes more harmonious and conducive. Various ways can be done to make this happen. One of them is by holding a potluck activity.

What is potluck? Potluck is an activity or event in which each person or group of people contribute to each other to provide food or drink to be collected together and then eaten together.

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Each person will usually volunteer to bring something that they feel is able to carry, ranging from rice, side dishes, vegetables, fruit, drinks, food supplies, snacks and so on. This activity is considered not burdensome because participants are free to bring anything according to their abilities. Only the amount must be adjusted to be enjoyed by other friends. Example of potluck sign up sheet :

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After the appointed day arrives, food, drinks and food supplies that have been prepared will be taken to school and then collected and arranged in such a way or place. This activity can also be done at home or at a recreational place depending on mutual agreement.

potluck sign up sheet for school
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When the preparation is completed, all participating friends will be asked to gather. Even friends who do not contribute food or drinks are also usually involved in this event. Because in reality the essence of this activity is to establish togetherness between schoolmates.

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This potluck activity is not a place to judge whose food is the most delicious or whose food is the most expensive. The purpose of this activity is to strengthen togetherness between schoolmates.

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In everyday life in the school environment, maybe each kid will be busy with his work so the time to play with friends, one school is reduced. In addition, it also does not rule out the possibility that among schoolmates can have personal sentiments that make the learning environment not conducive.

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