Planets Coloring Pages

Coloring is one of the activities that is very popular with children. Not only as entertainment, coloring activities are also able to provide benefits in the development process of children. An example is honing creativity.

Through coloring activities, children’s creativity will continue to be trained so that they can indirectly develop their motor intelligence. Coloring is also the most effective way to introduce children to colors.

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Planets coloring pages is an example of a coloring activity sheet that children will definitely love. In addition to honing creativity through coloring activities, children can simultaneously learn about the various planets in the solar system. From the planet Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Venus, Neptune, Mercury to the planet Pluto. Planet pictures provided will certainly make coloring activities more enjoyable.

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Information at a glance. Planet or in ancient Greek called the wandering star, is an astronomical object that does not have its own light and always circulates around a true star, the Sun. The grouping of planets consists of 3 classifications. i.e, grouping planets based on asteroids as a barrier (inner planets & outer planets). Second is a grouping of planets based on the earth as a barrier (inferior & superior planets). And the third is the grouping of planets based on their size and composition (terrestrial planets & major planets).

In the solar system, the Sun becomes the main center where planets and other celestial bodies will rotate around it. The solar system is divided into several parts. Namely the Sun, the four inner planets, the asteroid belt, the four outer planets and on the outside are the Kuiper belt and the scattered disk.

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