Plane Coloring Pages and How It Help Boys Concentrate

Obviously, boys find it more difficult to concentrate than girls based on ESRI (Economic and Social Research Institute) study. Also, an examination held by The Growing Up in Ireland found that 19 percent of boys of seven and eight find difficulty in listening and sitting still in school.

For some time, experts and researchers have agreed that understanding learning is difficult. How learning can be difficult or fun or overwhelmed will always be a never-ending discussion. It’s the same thing as focusing on boys and how the stigma that boys always find difficult to focus on than girls.

On the other hand, in response to several studies that prove that condition, it turns out that coloring helps in creating a situation that fosters learning. For boys, you can start by giving them plane coloring pages. Why plane? Because it’s one of the objects that boys like. As simple as that. Below is why coloring is important in stimulating focus:

1. Stimulate Pathways in Brain

Coloring is a magical activity that according to Dr. Robert Gerard affects neurological pathways in the brain. The act of implementing color on the coloring page somehow connected to feelings. According to the researcher, it is believed that red is associated with anger, green with calm and relaxation, while orange is associated with good value and good for concentration.

Plane Coloring Pages

2. Help Boys Sleep Better

School situations can cause stress in boys. It may come from a bunch of homework, unhealthy friendship situations, tense teachers, crowded classrooms, and more. Furthermore, it may affect sleep quality because the brain cannot rest. This may cause concentration difficulties.

Plane Coloring Pages

Coloring somehow is an excellent choice of activity that can quiet your mind and wind it down. So, before they go to sleep, parents can accompany them in coloring activities. To start, give them the plane coloring page and let them color it.

3. Stimulate Focus

Coloring is known as an activity that relaxes and stimulates focus. It is good to help boys with concentration difficulties. When you work with a coloring sheet, your eye and hand perform coordination. It is because your brain told you to do so. Spending at least 15 minutes of coloring, stimulating, and repairing focus on boys.

Plane Coloring Pages

4. Help Boys Clear Their Mind

Plane coloring pages are just an example of coloring pages you can give to boys. This activity helps them rest their mind and clear it. It is because coloring has the same effect as meditation without doing meditation itself. Once their mind is clear and relaxed, they will concentrate easily at school.

Plane Coloring Pages

5. Stimulate Greater Memory on Brain

Turns out that various colors are surprisingly related to brain memory. We know now that color has psychological effects such as influencing blood flow, pulse, anxiety, and arousal. Obviously, it is because color has something to do with memory. People recall color easily and it affects all of that. Moreover, recalling color impacts the higher degree as well.

Plane Coloring Pages

Giving boys plane coloring pages is just a start to help them ease concentration problems. Coloring is a fun activity with a calming and relaxing effect that can boost memory, stimulate the brain, and help boys reduce stress.

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