Football Coloring Pages

Football Coloring Pages - Coloring book

Football is a sport that is played by two teams, each consisting of 11 players. The game uses a ball called football, oval and brown.

The two ends of the field are called end zone fields which are the opponent’s goal areas. The attacking team gets 1 set of opportunities consisting of 4 times down to take the ball 10 yards to the opponent’s end zone field.

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Dragon Coloring Pages

Dragon Coloring Pages - Coloring book

Your kid likes fantasy films? Like harry potter, snow white, etc. Here we provide some pictures of fantasy animals to coloring by your kid.

The benefits of coloring for your kid are training hand and eye coordination :

Basic coordination skills such as the right system for holding crayons, spurring crayons and recognizing what colors are used, can really help your kid.

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Frozen Worksheets

Frozen Worksheets - Queen Elsa

On this occasion we will provide pictures of coloring frozen worksheets which are cartoon characters of kindergarten, early childhood and elementary school kids. This coloring picture is perfect for kindergarten, early childhood and elementary school kids.

This frozen worksheets image is a good resolution to print. Creativity and imagination of the kid is indeed quite sharpened when they are coloring. Therefore we as parents must be patient in guiding or telling them to combine the right colors to the frozen character they are coloring.

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Letter F Worksheets

Letter F Worksheets - Worksheet

Learning by writing can help develop your kid’s talents in learning to write letters. Learning to write letters using letter f worksheets is a basic ability of kids important and needed for future kid development.

At this time our kid is invited to learn to write the letter f small. Keep in mind that this type of letter f is indeed not difficult because to write or form the letter f is a combination of making a right slash and a straight / horizontal line, the kid has flexible hands.

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Worksheets for 1st Grade

Worksheets for 1st Grade - Fourth grade

Mathematics as one of the subjects in school is considered very important because mathematics can increase students’ knowledge in thinking logically, rationally, critically, carefully, effectively, and efficiently. Therefore, mathematical knowledge must be mastered as early as possible by the students. Calculating skills is one of the goals of mathematics learning.

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Tracing the Letter A

Tracing the Letter A - Kindergarten

Every parent of course always wants their kids to develop into someone who is smart. Even at the age of kindergarten, many parents often try to teach learning to write.

Writing is one of the fine motor skills that kids need to master. Through writing, kids will learn as a medium in channeling emotions and self-expression towards their feelings.

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Kindergarten Alphabet Worksheets

Kindergarten Alphabet Worksheets - Worksheet

Writing can start from the age of the kid begins to enter primary school age or six years. Even so, if the kid has shown interest in learning to write before elementary school, you can also facilitate it to learn to write.

Then, how do you teach kids to write? Of course you must be able to teach kids how to write fun. There are many ways that can be done, one of which is to learn to write letters using kindergarten alphabet worksheets pictures.

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Spring Coloring Pictures

Spring Coloring Pictures - Coloring book

Your kid steps out and sees the world turn green, feels warm weather and he wants to take off his winter coat – Yes, and spring is here!

Spring is the happiest and equal season. Because flowers and many plants appear give many color on our eyes. Kids, especially, really like spring, and most their parents plan their kid’s spring activities before. So, if you also plan your kid’s spring activities, you can add a beautiful spring coloring pictures to the list.

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Join the Dots for Kids

Join the Dots for Kids - Connect the dots

Do you know the similarities of cartoons and drawing? Yup, they are both made based on the imagination of the creator.

Kids will love watching cartoons, and you must have watched cartoons like Winnie the Pooh, SpongeBob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Mario Bros or other cartoon characters like dragons and lions. What if the kids draw them? Surely the results will not be in line with expectations and almost not at all like the cartoon character.

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Dinosaur Dot to Dot

Dinosaur Dot to Dot - Dinosaur

Problems surrounding the right time to teach kids to count have been a hot conversation. Some are pro by teaching kids to count at an early age and there are also contrast. Actually, kids who are taught to count early, greatly affect the ability to count kids in the future. But some thought it was too burdensome for their minds which they still like to play instead of learning.

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