Printable Reward Charts

Printable Reward Charts - Chart

Ever heard of a kid reward charts? Yes, some parents use this method as a way to motivate kids to do good deeds.

Usually, in a reward chart, parents give stars to kids when they do good behavior. Stars can also be given when the kid completes the task. These are example printable reward charts, you can print it as many as you need.

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Letter Z Worksheets

Letter Z Worksheets - Worksheet

Last but not least, the letter Z wraps the alphabet, and our letter Z worksheets will help teach your kid everything he needs to know about it.

Learn to read and write upper and lower case versions of Z on printable search pages, while coloring pages that show familiar objects teach your kid how to recognize words starting with Z.

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Days of The Week Worksheets

Days of The Week Worksheets - Worksheet

Within 1 week there are 7 days, starting from Sunday to Saturday (can also start from Monday to Sunday). Day is the time needed by the Earth to rotate, namely the process of rotating on its axis. One day lasts 24 hours.

There are 2 types of days, weekdays and weekends. Weekdays consist of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday where work and school enter. While weekend days consist of Saturdays and Sundays where generally work places and schools are off (although sometimes those are still people who work on Saturday).

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Capital Letters Alphabet

Capital Letters Alphabet - Letter case

Writing is indeed fun, by writing kids can express words that cannot be spoken. But writing must also see the correct writing rules. Such as good writing and correct capital letters and their placement. for the beginning of the sentence or the writing of the name of the area or the name of the person should use capital letters but sometimes kids will not pay attention to it all.

Therefore, we need to pay attention to how to write correct capital letters so that our kid’s writing gets better. To train it, we can provide like the capital letters alphabet worksheet below.

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4 Year Old Worksheets

4 Year Old Worksheets - Worksheet

Kids aged 4 years can be introduced to school and stationery. According to experts, early kid hood education is important for kid’s development. Through this education, kids can learn to interact and establish social relationships with their age groups in groups.

The sooner kids are introduced to these things; the more beneficial they will be for their development. Like the 4 year old worksheets below.

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2 Digit Math Worksheets

2 Digit Math Worksheets - Second Grade Subtraction

Parents are teachers for their kids. Since babies until kids, even anytime. Asking for full help to improve the kid’s ability to the school is wrong. Kids still need direction from parents when at home. Especially in preschool times, parental education greatly influences kid’s growth and development.

One important aspect for kids is numeracy intelligence. Parents can teach it before the kid enters school age or sharpens intelligence that has been sharpened at school by repeating it at home.

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Thank You Note Templates

Thank You Note Templates - Greeting Card

Kids from an early age are trained to say or write thanks, because thanks are one of the expressions of gratitude of something. Most of the pronunciation is already possible, but for writing most kids are still confused.

Writing is needed in a kid’s growth and development. Because this trains the workings of the brain in coding letters that certain letters sound and the shape is like this. Kids remember with movement, sound, and visual, very different from typing.

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My Little Pony Coloring Pages

My Little Pony Coloring Pages - Coloring book

Who doesn’t like cartoons? This spectacle shows stories and unique characters that are not boring. The packaging is in the form of a pictorial animation that usually involves figures in the form of humans, animals, plants and fantasy creatures. This kid’s cartoon watch has been around since the early 1900s. But along with the development of the times, the cartoon experienced a significant evolution in terms of graphics and themes raised.

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Spongebob Coloring Pages

Spongebob Coloring Pages - Patrick Star

Cartoon characters Spongebob is the main character in the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants, this character being one of the most popular characters in the world. Other familiar characters in this series include Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Sandy, Plankton and Mr. Krabs and others.

SpongeBob and his friends live in the town of Bikini Bottom in the Pacific Ocean. Bikini Bottom is seen as an ordinary city with city centers, suburbs, coastal areas, airports, sea flower arrangements and its own amusement park. Stephen Hillenburg once said that Bikini Bottom was designed more or less based on the city of Seattle, Washington.

spongebob coloring pages kids
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SpongeBob’s story is set under the sea named Bikini Bottom, an underwater city occupied by species of fish and other sea creatures. This animated storyline centers on Spongebob Squarepants, a yellow sponge in box pants who lives in a pineapple house and works at a famous burger restaurant in Bikini Bottom that makes the Krabby Patty named the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob’s series and films are not only liked by kids, of various ages and circles such as teenagers to adults who love SpongeBob SquarePants cartoons.

spongebob coloring pages cool
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spongebob coloring pages for school
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spongebob coloring pages free download
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spongebob coloring pages printable
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spongebob coloring pages
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One of the coloring benefits for kids is Increasing Handwriting:

Kids need hand power and dexterity to manipulate pencils on paper. Working with energy can eliminate the possibility of holding a pencil incorrectly.

Maths Puzzles for Kids

Maths Puzzles for Kids - Mathematical puzzle

Why use maths puzzles for kids to teach ?

Because teaching mathematics in traditional ways will reduce kid’s interest in mathematics. Most kids do not like mathematics, but if the learning method is done with interactive media, the story may be different. Using math puzzle games will make a pleasant impression in solving calculation problems.

math puzzles for kids kindergarten
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