amphibians For Kids

Frogs or people also often refer to toads as one is very well known to children because parents themselves often call it because there are many around the house especially during the rainy season. Frogs are amphibians that are well known to kids because of their distinctive sounds and movements.

Boys usually enjoy playing with frogs, while girls tend to feel disgusted with this one animal. There are various types of frogs such as green frogs, tree frogs, stone frogs, rice frogs and much more, but one thing in common is that their life cycle begins with the egg then turns into a tadpole or new tadpole then becomes a frog kid and then become an adult frog.

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Puzzle Words

Puzzle words for kids

Many people think the benefits of playing Puzzle words are to add vocabularies. That’s right, but there are still many other benefits from this game. In fact, Puzzle words is not just a word game, but it contains mathematical aspects and strategy. The benefits of this game when described one by one are:

Along with the frequent play, the more new words will appear or come out in the Puzzle words game, the player will automatically increase his vocabulary.

Not only vocabulary, but anagrams will also be trained. You might have a good vocabulary, but in fact a puzzle words player still has to scramble to scramble the letters you can to form a word. Example: IIGGNNR. Without a good anagram skill, chances are you can’t find RINGING.

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Spot the Difference Worksheets

spot the difference worksheets for kids

Learning accuracy can be taught to kids from an early age. One game that is often presented in magazines and books for kids is that the game looks for differences in images that are almost the same or can also be called spot the difference worksheets. One of the goals of this game is to make the kid’s eyes more observant and patient to find differences in the pictures.

Spot the difference worksheets are an educational game. No less exciting and fun this game is played on paper prints, while the kid scribbled on parts that are not the same. Well, before downloading the spot the difference worksheets, here are the benefits of finding differences in images.

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Lined Paper for Writing

lined paper for writing free

Writing is something that must be taught to children as early as possible. The first thing you need to train your kid is how to hold the right pencil. Start with a pencil not with a pen because kids can understand if they make mistakes and the pencil marks can be erased. The way to hold a pencil should be exemplified by parents. The way you can provide good writing all this time is to hold the pencil part with your thumb and index finger.

While the three fingers are on the back of the index finger following the direction of the hand. Then determine the distance between the fingers and the tip of the pencil, and the pressure from the pencil to the paper is not too strong and not too weak. Start with this movement for several times until the kid understands how to hold a pencil.

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Fun Kids Worksheets

fun kids worksheets

Mathematics as one of the subjects in school is considered very important because mathematics can increase kids’ knowledge in thinking logically, rationally, critically, carefully, effectively, and efficiently. Therefore, mathematical knowledge must be mastered as early as possible by kids. Counting skills is one of the goals of mathematics learning.

The importance of studying the calculation numbers is the initial capital for continuing higher education. Because mathematics is a hierarchical lesson, each existing sub-chapter will be closely related to the next sub-chapter. For this reason, kids must really be able to master calculations as the initial basis for learning the next mathematical material. Likewise the ability to master kids’s vocabulary, coloring and knowing an object.

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Number Worksheets

number worksheets for school

Cognitive intelligence in early kid hood is often translated by parents as the ability of reading, writing and arithmetic so that kids are encouraged to take control of reading, writing and arithmetic as early as possible. Even some basic education institutions even use the standard of reading, writing and arithmetic ability as a condition of student admission.

Stimulating kids to be able to reading, writing and arithmetic is not something that is wrong but certainly needs to consider several things related to the stages of kid development in recognizing numbers and writing. Psychologically, kids aged <6 years, cognitive development entering the motor sensory stage – preoperational with the characteristics of the learning stage focus more on experience observing and imitating so that the kid’s imagination develops rapidly in describing something he sees.

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Shapes and Sides

shapes and sides free download

The introduction of shapes and sides are considered important to be introduced from an early age because it is part of form recognition learning. This is one of the earliest concepts that must be mastered by kids in cognitive development.

Kids can distinguish objects based on shapes before they are based on other characteristics. By providing an introduction to geometric shapes from an early age, kids get learning experiences that will support mathematics learning at the next level of education.

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Letter Practice

letter practice for kids

The following is an exercise in writing alphabet letters for learning kids. The practice of this letter contains dotted alphabet letters that can be used as a reference for kids to start learning to write alphabet letters.

The alphabet letters made by dots will make it easier for kids who are just starting to learn to write. Learning to write will also be more fun so that kids can avoid stress. Besides learning to write, by practicing this letter you can also learn about objects or other things around us.

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Images of Monkeys

images of monkeys for preschool

Coloring is an exciting and fun activity for kids. Through coloring, kid’s creativity and imagination will develop. This is because, when coloring, kids will train their imagination to choose the color that matches the image that will be colored. In fact, kids of kindergarten age are often invited to color pictures at school. This shows coloring becomes a method used by teachers to educate kindergarten kids. Through coloring and drawing, it also enhances the motor skills of kindergarten kids.

It’s better if you give kids a variety of different coloring pictures. Because through pictures, adults can introduce various types of animals, like images of monkey for kids. So it can be concluded that coloring becomes a fun and useful learning media.

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Letter O Worksheets

letter o worksheets for kindergarten

Learning by writing can help develop your kid’s talents in learning to write letters. Learning to write letters is a basic ability of kids that is important and needed for future kid development.

At this time our kid is invited to learn to write the letter small o. Keep in mind that type o is indeed not difficult because to write or form letters o just form smaller circles. Remember o is different from number 0. The number 0 is oval while o is circular. Writing the letter o also trains the kid to have flexible hands.

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