Opposite Worksheets For Preschoolers

Opposite worksheets for preschoolers are sheets of learning activities that can be provided for preschoolers. This learning sheet aims to hone children’s analytical skills.

Opposite worksheets contain a collection of exercise sheets in the form of funny pictures that will certainly attract the attention of children. So that makes them more enthusiastic to explore this preschool learning material.

easy opposite worksheets for preschoolers
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As the name implies, opposite worksheet presents learning sheets about adjectives that are opposite. One example of an exercise sheet in the opposite worksheet is as follows. A practice sheet containing an image with adjectives is presented. For example on the left of the practice sheet there is a picture with adjectives young, up, tall, left, round and heavy. The task of the children is to look for adjectives in the row of images on the right side of the exercise sheet. The sample practice sheet given is very easy and certainly children will not have difficulty to complete it.

opposite worksheets for preschoolers
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printable opposite worksheets for preschoolers
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Just information. In linguistics, opposites can also be referred to as antonyms. That is a word that contradicts the meaning of another word. Based on the nature of the relationship, antonyms can be divided into several types. Among them are taxonomic antonyms, territorial antonyms, relational antonyms, hierarchical antonyms, and compound antonyms.

Taxonomic Antonyms are absolute antagonisms. For example the word life and death. Polarity is a antonym that is relative or graded. This is because the boundaries of the meaning of one word and other words cannot be clearly and clearly determined. Relational Antonym means relationship relations that are relations. For example the word x wife, sell x buy. Hierarchial antimony arises from conflicting meanings between words that lie in a single line. For example the word gram x kilograms. Whereas compound antonyms can be interpreted as opposed to words that have more than one antonym pair. For example the word stands opposite to the word lying down, sitting, or squatting.

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