Months of The Year

There are twelve months in a year. Start on January and end on December. For us it just easy to know what month is now, but for kids its may difficult to remember because it feel strange. Why feel strange? cause they’re not learn it yet. So we provide months of the year to learn by the kids.

First train then to imitate the word

months of the year for kindergarten
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After finished above now try to tracing word below

months of the year for kids
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Are the kids feel excited? So next train then to make the right order

months of the year
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Now little difficult, find the name of the months on scramble words

months of the year printable
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Below find the words on the scramble word again but more complex because must find months, day of the week and seasons

months of the year for worksheet
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Hope this will be help you to teach your kids about month.

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