Maths Puzzles for Kids

Why use maths puzzles for kids to teach ?

Because teaching mathematics in traditional ways will reduce kid’s interest in mathematics. Most kids do not like mathematics, but if the learning method is done with interactive media, the story may be different. Using math puzzle games will make a pleasant impression in solving calculation problems.

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Math puzzles encourage critical thinking

Puzzles challenge kids to understand structure and apply logical thinking skills to new problems.

A study from the Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education found that puzzles “develop logical thinking, combinatorial abilities, strengthen the capacity of abstract thinking and operating with spatial images, instill critical thinking and develop mathematical memory.”

All these skills allow kids to build a foundation of skills they’ll draw on for the rest of their lives, no matter what kind of post-secondary route they pursue.

Math games can help kids build a basic understanding of essential math concepts, and as another study shows, can also help them retain concepts longer.

In the study, kids gradually moved from using the “counting” part of their brains to complete math problems to the “remembering” part that adults use, suggesting math puzzles and repeated problems can help build the essential skill of math fluency.

Many of the math puzzles below allow kids to practice essential addition and subtraction, while advanced or modified problems can be used to introduce pre-algebraic concepts and advanced logic skills.

This maths puzzles for kids challenges kids to connect all the dots in a three by three grid using only four straight lines. While it may sound easy, chances are that it will take your class a while to come up with the solution. (Hint: it requires some “out of the box” thinking.)

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Have kids practice their addition and subtraction skills by searching for hidden math equations in a word search-style puzzle. It can be adapted to any skill you want kids to practice, and promotes a solid understanding of basic math facts.

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Pre-algebraic puzzles use fun substitutions to get kids ready to perform basic functions and encourage them to build problem-solving skills. They promote abstract reasoning and challenge kids to think critically about the problems in front of them.

As an added bonus, kids who suffer from math anxiety might find the lack of complicated equations reassuring, and be more willing to attempt a solution.

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