Math Word Problems Worksheets

Math word problems worksheets present a collection of math practice sheets which are summarized in the form of story questions.

The practice sheet in the form of a story problem usually requires more understanding and reasoning, what else is the story problem in mathematics. Like several story exercise sheets in math word problems worksheets, students must really understand the meaning and content of each problem in order to find the answer.

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An example is the following story exercise sheet. In a forest, there are 5 lions, 5 elephants and 200 deers. The question is, how many animals are there in the forest? To find the answers students can use the addition formula. Ie 5 lions + 5 elephants + 200 deers, then you will find 210 animals.

Or about a slightly more difficult story, for example. Sonya bought 10 pencils. Mona bought 2 more pencils than Sonya. The question is how many pencils they can put together. Questions of this type of story require more understanding and reasoning when compared to the previous problem. To find the answer, students must first know how many pencils Mona bought. How many ? That is 12 pencils, because Mona bought 2 more pencils than Sonya. After that, then all the pencils add up, which is 10 pencils + 12 pencils, then you will find 22 pencils.

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nice printable math word problems worksheets
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Apart from the exercise sheet above, learning mathematics is very important to do from an early age. Mathematics itself is very useful in all aspects of life. Wherever and whenever mathematics is definitely needed by everyone. From basic mathematics to the most complicated mathematics. That is why children must learn mathematics as early as possible.

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