Learn to Write Using Printable Notebook Paper

Writing is something that must be taught to kids as early as possible. The first thing you need to train your kid is how to hold the right pencil. Start with a pencil not with a pen because kids can understand if they make mistakes and the pencil marks can be erased. The way to hold a pencil should be exemplified by parents.

The way you can provide good writing all this time is to hold the pencil part with your thumb and index finger. While the three fingers are on the back of the index finger following the direction of the hand. Then determine the distance between the fingers and the tip of the pencil, and the pressure from the pencil to the paper is not too strong and not too weak. Start with this movement for several times until the kid understands how to hold a pencil.

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For the first lesson, you must provide a printable notebook paper to write the kid. For ordinary writing there are 2 sequential lines as a sign to start writing uppercase or lowercase letters. Then teach the kid to know where the uppercase and lowercase letters are written. After the kid knows, teach the kid to write in parallel letters. If there are letters that are slanted or uneven you can ask the kid to delete and repeat it again. The point is the kid must write in accordance with the line. Kid’s motor skills are needed in supporting this process. You can follow the kid’s development on a basic basis for 1 full year.

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Then you should try to teach the kid in a slow and slow way. First try asking the kid to write just one letter on one sheet of paper. Repeat this step for several times until the kid can write one letter neatly. Then continue writing other letters until all the letters can be practiced properly. After the kid can write all the letters neatly and well, ask the kid to write a few words.

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