Leaf Coloring

At the age of 3-5 years the kid can be introduced to school. One of the fun activities for them is coloring, because with a variety of media and fun ways.

Coloring is an activity that is liked by many kids. By coloring they can freely channel inspiration and mood, or something that happens to them. So that they can develop their creativity too.

Coloring is an activity to fill a kid’s empty time, and can develop a kid’s brain, and also as a kid’s self-actualization in the arts. Coloring activities turned out to have many benefits in developing kid’s physical and mental skills. Now try training your kid to color the following leaf pages:

leaf coloring page
image via www.coloringtop.com
leaf coloring pages
image via www.coloringnow.com
leaf coloring picture
image via www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com
leaf coloring pictures
image via www.supercoloring.com
leaf coloring
image via www.coloringsuite.com

Some of the benefits of drawing coloring activities for kids include:

1. Helps Know Color Differences
Kids who love coloring will be quicker to recognize the names of colors and the differences between the colors of crayons or colored pencils used.
2. Train kids to hold stationery correctly
Many kids are familiar with crayons or color pencils before they learn to write. This is very helpful when the kid starts learning to write, because he is accustomed to holding and controlling the stationery.
3. Increase concentration
Coloring images requires concentration to get satisfying results. Coloring activities can train kids to concentrate on their work and ignore the atmosphere around them.
4. Train Kids to Know Object Details

When you first recognize the drawing paper for coloring, the kid may polish the crayons or colored pencils on the entire paper area without paying attention to the parts of the drawing. Gradually he began to use drawing lines as boundary fields that needed to be colored, so the kid must understand the details of the object to be colored before coloring.

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