Kindergarten Math Worksheets for Easier Math Learning

From many subjects in school, math is one of the hardest and least favorite subjects for most students. Math is assumed as a difficult and complicated subject compared to other subjects. To help and get rid of this assumption, parents can give kindergarten math worksheets. This is a simple worksheet where kids can learn math in an easier way and method.

One of the hardest parts of teaching math to small kids is developing their way of thinking. Therefore, parents must find an easy and simple way to direct how they think. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using math worksheets for kindergarten kids.

Math Worksheets Suitable for Kindergarten

Since math is a hard subject to understand, start from simple exercises for the kids. Download kindergarten math worksheets that have pictures and shapes on it to make the process easier. Also, choose a type of exercise that is suitable for the kid’s age. Here are some of the best types of math worksheets you can download for small kids:

1. Number of Shapes or Objects

One of the first lessons in kindergarten math is counting. To help your kids practice their counting, then you can download this type of worksheet. On this worksheet, there will be some exercises that contain pictures or shapes. Kids will have to count the amount and write it down.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

2. Matching Amount

For this type of worksheet, kids will have to match the amount of shape with the quantity. At first, choose sheets that don’t have many choices of numbers, so your kids don’t get confused. Once they get to start knowing the numbers, you can add the choices of answers.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

3. Subtract and Addition

Once your kids get the hang of counting, you can start teaching them addition and subtraction. An easy way to do this by giving them a worksheet that contains shapes as an illustration. Then help them out reading and understanding the problem, so they can answer it.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

4. Continuing the Number

Another simple math worksheet for kids to practice is a continuing number worksheet. For this sheet, kids will have to fill in the blank numbers in the order. The numbers don’t always start from one, so this can be a practice and developing your kids’ knowledge about numbers.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

5. Match the Time

One of the lessons kids will learn in math subjects is how to read the time. For small kids, giving them this worksheet can teach them how to read time from hours to minutes. They will not only write the numbers down but also understand the meaning of a clock.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Creative Ways to Develop Math Worksheets

There are many kinds of kindergarten math worksheets that are available on the internet that you can download. Download Different kinds of worksheets, then make a small booklet with it for your kids to practice at home. This way, you can monitor your kids when they study math at home.

However, if this method gets boring, then make your own math worksheet for your kids. All you need is a plain paper and some crayons. In addition, subjects draw two or more objects on the paper. Then, kids will have to total the same amount and write it down. Try to use bright colors for the pictures, so it attracts your kids to the hospital.

Or you can make it the other way around by writing a certain number down. Then, kids will have to draw anything they like, with a total of the number you have written. This is one of the best methods to use as kids become active in not only writing but also drawing.

For parents who have limited time can also make their own kindergarten math worksheets using Microsoft word or excel. Type in simple numbers on the sheet and add some pictures on the internet. Once you are done, just save it and download it.

Importance of Math Worksheet for Kindergarten

Many parents assume that their kids have learned enough at school and don’t need extra learning at home. Whereas learning can be done anywhere and anytime, especially when it comes to basic lessons. Therefore, parents need a weapon to teach kids school subjects even when they are not in school.

It is also best to teach your children how to count & math starting as young as possible. Learning math at a young age can develop how they think and solve a problem. Therefore, give them the worksheet routinely so that your hands keep clean.

Overall, kindergarten math worksheets are one of the great methods for kids to learn math at home. With just a piece of paper, kids can learn how to count, add, subtract, and even read the time. This method will keep your kids active which will make it more interesting for the kids to learn.

The math Kindergarten worksheet is best to give to kids from 3-7 years old. The sooner you teach the kids, the better they will be in the future. However, just make sure to keep an eye on your kids when they do the exercise.

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