How to Make Connect the Dots Worksheets More Fun and Exciting

Connect the dots worksheets are a great method to teach kids many lessons. However, as this activity is not easy, normally kids will easily get bored and stop the activity. A study even showed that 65% of kids normally get bored when they study, therefore kids between 2-4 years old should only study around 6-12 minutes. However, parents can modify this worksheet, so it is not boring and hard anymore.

The main instruction in this worksheet is just like the name of the sheet. Kids will have to connect the dots based on the number sequence. If they, do it right, then a picture should come out from the lines and dots. The main activity is a bit boring, therefore parents must be creative in making this worksheet more fun. Now for parents who have run out of ideas, here are some creative activities you can do with connecting the dots worksheets:

1. Guess the Picture

Before connecting the dots, guess the picture with your kids. Let them guess what the picture may be and give a reward if they guessed it correctly. Then, make them prove that the picture is the same as their answer. If they succeed in connecting the dots and proofing their answer, give them another reward or praise them.

Connect the Dots Worksheets

2. Find the Numbers

Another quick game that parents can play with connect the dots worksheets is to find the next number. So, challenge your kids to find the next number on the sheet. Do this until the last number on the sheet or until they finish connecting all the dots. This kind of game will increase their anxiety and be more exciting in doing the worksheet.

Connect the Dots Worksheets

3. Relax by Coloring the Picture

When your kids finish connecting all the dots, let them relax and have fun by coloring the object. Give them around 5-10 minutes until they finish filling up the whole page. Even though coloring is a relaxing activity, this activity can develop many skills from motor skills to hand-eye coordination.

Connect the Dots Worksheets

4. Counting the Numbers

Connect the dots worksheets are also a great way to teach your kids how to count, especially for numbers above 10. While connecting the dots, you can ask your kids to say the numbers out loud. Therefore, you can see how far your kids can count. But remember to always start from an easy one first before going to a harder sheet.

Connect the Dots Worksheets

5. Cut the Pictures

After coloring the sheets, kids can also practice their motor skills and concentration by cutting the pictures. Once they are done, you can stick the picture on the wall or inside a book. Therefore, your kids can keep looking at their art craft and be more confident in the next activity.

Connect the Dots Worksheets

Connect the Dots Worksheets

So, connect the dots worksheets aren’t just an activity to connect a dot with another. Because it can be more fun and exciting if the parents can come up with more ideas. Therefore, try the ideas mentioned above to have a better and more fun moment with your kids and develop your bond.

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