How Panda Coloring Pages Can Teach Kids to Color in Line

Before teaching kids how to color in lines, parents need to teach kids how to color. Normally, 90% of kids start coloring at the age of 18-24 months. At this age, kids start to develop their motor skills and become better at holding things. When kids get better, parents can start teaching them how to color in line and a worksheet that can help them achieve this target is panda coloring pages.

Panda coloring pages have many curves in their pictures that will make kids practice the movement of their hands. They are also big; therefore, kids can color them easily. Now it is time for the parents to help and guide the kids through the process, so they can color in line. Here are some tips and magical moments that can help your kids to color inside the line:

1. Teach Kids the Movements of the Crayon or Brush

One of the reasons why kids can’t color inside the line is because they hold the crayon or brush in the wrong way. When your kids start holding a crayon, try to pay attention to their grip. Are they holding it wrong or is the crayon too small for them to hold? If so, then correct their position and replace a bigger crayon for them so they can be more comfortable.

Panda Coloring Pages

Making sure that kids hold the crayon the right way is a must. When kids start getting used to holding the crayon in the wrong way, it will become a habit and hard to change. Therefore, it is important to make sure that kids hold the crayons in the right way.

2. Develop Their Hand Skills

If you want your kids to color in lines, then try to develop their hand skills. So, rather than just coloring, try to develop their hand skills by grasping small items and pinching objects like pillows. If you want a stronger grasp, make your kids squeeze a bottle so their hands can become stronger. Don’t forget to provide various objects and sizes, so it becomes more challenging for them.

Panda Coloring Pages Panda Coloring Pages

3. Provide Them with Straight and Curved Borders

To teach kids how to color well, make sure to provide big borders. This will make the color more easy. However, to develop your kid’s skills, provide straight and curve borders too. For example, provide easy sheets first such as square objects, and then develop the worksheets into harder ones such as panda coloring pages.

Panda Coloring Pages Panda Coloring Pages

4. Provide a Different Kind of Media

Let your kids develop by providing different kinds of media for coloring. They might not color well with crayons, but they might be better when using a paintbrush. So, provide different kinds of media and let them try one by one until they find the best one.

Panda Coloring Pages

Remember that this moment will not happen in one night. They will need to practice more for a better result. Once your kids show some progress, don’t forget to reward your kids. Start using simple worksheets such as square shapes objects to panda coloring pages that are a bit more difficult. Therefore, you can see your kid’s development.

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