Football Coloring Pages

Football is a sport that is played by two teams, each consisting of 11 players. The game uses a ball called football, oval and brown.

The two ends of the field are called end zone fields which are the opponent’s goal areas. The attacking team gets 1 set of opportunities consisting of 4 times down to take the ball 10 yards to the opponent’s end zone field.

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The ball is carried by hand while running or being thrown at a teammate, until the forward movement of the attacking team is successfully stopped by the team. Scores are printed by carrying or placing the ball outside the goal line on the opponent’s end zone side, or kicking the ball past the opponent’s goal.

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The highest scoring team after the completion of 4 rounds of the game is declared the winner. The match can end in a draw if there are no winners after an extension of time. Playing time is calculated carefully second by second, and playing rules are closely monitored because it involves physical clashes between players.

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Many people who like this sport are no exception for kids. For this reason, we offer pictures of football coloring pages for your kid’s coloring.

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