Flower Template

Mind Mapping is a structured and effective tool to help students and teachers work on the teaching process better. Because Mind Mapping stimulates the Left and Right Brain. Brain synergistic-ally.

Mind Mapping will be very useful in learning, especially in recording and remembering skills, including:

1. helps with the brain’s ability to concentrate
2. allows the essence of matter to become clear
3. visually the order and information are relatively clearer
4. making connections between ideas easy to see
5. improve memory to be Long term memory
6. increase our confidence in our ability to learn

Mind Maps in addition to improving learning skills (study skills) also improve life skills (Life Skill)
Next is the flower template that can be used for mind mapping:

flower template easy
image via www.pintsizedtreasures.com
flower template for kindergarten
image via www.azcoloring.com
flower template free download
image via www.clipground.com
flower template kids
image via www.calendariu.com
flower template printable
image via www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com

Mind Maps are truly evidence to encourage creativity and allow you to generate new ideas in brainstorming sessions. Mind Map is proven to encourage open communication in brainstorming groups. Mind Mapping also includes a big picture and icon library to catalyse creativity. The space layout helps you get a better picture and makes new connections more visible so you can create an unlimited number of thoughts, ideas, links and associations on each topic.

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