Family Chore Chart Printable to Keep Everyone on Track

When it comes to home chores, the responsibility is not only for the moms but also for the whole family. Based on research done in 2015, 59% of parents agree that households and chores must be done together so no one feels overwhelmed. Now to make sure each person in the family does their responsibility, it is best to get a family chore chart printable.

With a family chore chart printable, each person in the house can know what to do each day. They can also remind one another if anyone in the family forgets. To help mommies make sure each person do their chores, here are some great option of families charts to print out:

1. House Cleaning Checklist

If your kids are big enough to help you with home chores, then make a list of house cleaning tasks. Write them down on the chart based on their period, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. To make it easier to understand, separate each period and make it more detailed. Then on the right side, you can write down the name of PIC.

Do the same things for the chores that must be done monthly and annually. Therefore, the PIC won’t forget their responsibility even though it is only once a month or year.

Family Chore Chart Printable

Family Chore Chart Printable

2. Chore Game

To make it interesting for the family to do their chores, try printing out chore game charts. So, other than just writing down the tasks, there are also points given in for each job. The one who gets the most points at the end of the month can get a small reward.

To apply this plan, print a chart that consists of tasks in each box. Don’t forget to put in the points too in each task. Put higher points for harder jobs and low ones for easy tasks. Therefore, everyone in the family will keep doing their chores to get the highest score.

Family Chore Chart Printable

3. Chore Chart Calendar

Get a chore chart calendar for each person in the house. With this family chore chart printable, each member in the family will know what they must do each day for one month ahead. To make sure they do their tasks, others must recheck their work and sign it off. This includes chores for the parents, so kids can see that their parents are also responsible.

Family Chore Chart Printable

4. Microsoft Family Chart

If you want a simple chart, then you can download the Microsoft Family Chart. The format of this chart is simple yet easy to understand. The format consists of lists of tasks that must be done and days of the week. Right down the name of the PIC each day for one week, for all the tasks.

Family Chore Chart Printable

5. Family Picture Chore Chart

Make a family chart more interesting by putting in some pictures of chores on the tables. So, rather than just writing down the tasks, put in some pictures that show how the job is done. Therefore, anyone that does the task can do it correctly with a great result.

Family Chore Chart Printable

Family Chore Chart Printable

After printing these family chore charts printable, make sure to recheck them daily. Also, don’t forget to update them each week or month so your kids and husbands don’t get bored easily. With these charts, mommies can keep track and make sure everyone does their chores.

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