Easy Connect The Dots

Developing and honing children’s creativity can be done in various ways. One example is providing activities such as drawing, coloring or activity sheets in the form of puzzles. This method is proven to be very effective to help a child’s growth and development.

Easy connect the dots also become activity sheets suitable for honing children’s creativity. The activity sheet that contains interesting pictures will certainly make children happy.

easy connect the dots printable
image via www.coloringhome.com
easy connect the dots winnie the pooh
image via www.rainbowuniverse.org
easy connect the dots
image via www.activity-sheets.com

Easy connect the dots is a children’s activity sheet that is presented in the form of a puzzle image. There are some interesting pictures which are definitely very liked by children. Like pictures of flowers, pictures of cars, pictures of apples to pictures of cartoon characters Winnie the Pooh. The pictures are still in an imperfect form. Some parts are still in the form of dots and numbers. Therefore the child’s task is to unite the points and numbers to become a line, so as to form a perfect picture.

easy connect the dots car
image via www.thesprucecrafts.com
easy connect the dots for kids
image via www.sciencekids.co.nz

One example of easy connect the dots is a picture of a sunflower. Unfortunately the picture of the flower does not look complete. What appeared was only the stems, leaves and pistils of the flowers, while the flower petals were not yet there and were only dots and numbers. The child’s task is to unite each of these points and numbers to form beautiful sunflower petals

easy connect the dots apple
image via www.tribework.blogspot.com
easy connect the dots flower
image via asmothersinzion.blogspot.com

In addition to sunflower pictures, there are many more puzzle images on the easy connect the dots activity sheet. And certainly will make children happy. Not just entertainment, but can provide many benefits for the child’s growth and development process. Especially to hone creativity, accuracy and analytical skills of children on an object or picture. Therefore the puzzle activity sheet like this is very good if it is often given to children.

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