Earth Day Worksheet

It is very important to teach children to always look after and love the earth. This can be started with small things, for example maintaining and caring for plants in the surrounding environment.

Maintain cleanliness of the environment by not littering. Recycle waste with a simple method. Or even provide learning material about procedures for loving the earth. For example through the earth day worksheet below.

earth day tracing worksheets
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earth day worksheets coloring
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Earth day worksheet is a learning sheet that contains a collection of activity sheets such as coloring activity sheets, tracing, counting and so on. Aside from being an entertainment, earth day worksheets can at the same time provide education to children about the importance of protecting the environment for the survival of the earth’s life as well as all living things in it.

One example of an earth day worksheet is a coloring activity sheet. A coloring activity sheet is presented, for example, a picture of the earth, flowers and butterflies. Children can pour their creativity in the coloring activity sheet. As is known coloring activities become one of the activities that are very liked by children. So that it will make them more enthusiastic.

earth day worksheets
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kids coloring earth day worksheets
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Earth Day itself is an annual event that is celebrated worldwide on April 22. Earth Day is celebrated as a form of support in protecting the environment for the better future of planet Earth. The Earth Day Celebration was first announced by United States senator Gaylord Nelson, an environmental teacher in 1970.

As the future generation, children play a big role in environmental preservation. Therefore it is important to include them in various activities in the commemoration of earth day. Besides that, the role of parents is also needed to instill the love of children in the environment. And it can be started from maintaining the cleanliness of the environment around the house for the sake of the preservation of planet Earth in the future.

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