Dot to Dot Worksheets

Does your kid like to draw? But don’t like learning to count?

Try giving a dot to dot worksheets that connects dots with numbers like this.

dot to dot worksheets free
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dot to dot worksheets easy
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The movement of a kid’s hand when he is drawing something on paper or even the wall of your house turns out to be beneficial for Psychomotor. Psychomotor (including hand, wrist and finger movements) can slowly be trained and progressively developed and this can be useful for training concentration

dot to dot worksheets for preschool
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Drawing by connecting dots with numbers with dot to dot worksheets is one way to balance the work of the right and left brain, Kids from an early age are trained to draw to sharpen their artistic talents. But sometimes their drawings are not good or not as expected as possible due to their lack of imagination to describe objects in their minds. To practice their talents and strengthen their imagination, connect the points below to a good picture.

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Connecting dots that can become a something fun, besides that, it can train the agility of his hand when writing and practicing his memory of numbers. Drawing is not an easy thing, therefore with this activity the kid is trained to patience. That to create something good is not easy.

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