Dinosaur Dot to Dot

Problems surrounding the right time to teach kids to count have been a hot conversation. Some are pro by teaching kids to count at an early age and there are also contrast. Actually, kids who are taught to count early, greatly affect the ability to count kids in the future. But some thought it was too burdensome for their minds which they still like to play instead of learning.

To solve that, learning dot-to-dot (connecting points), counting while sorting numbers for toddlers / kindergarten / elementary school students who are new to numbers. This is one of the fun ways to learn for kids.

dinosaur dot to dot cool
image via www.printableshelter.com

Here are some dinosaur dot to dot images sorted by numbers, which will help the children complete the drawings as well as learn to count. It’s easier to teach kids things outside of their academics because kid hood is a time when they play and explore everything they find interesting. After finishing connecting dot to dot, color the dinosaur images.

dinosaur dot to dot for kids
image via www.supercoloring.com
dinosaur dot to dot easy
image via www.westharrison.org
dinosaur dot to dot free
image via www.learningprintable.com
dinosaur dot to dot kids
image via www.freecoloringpages.co.uk

In this way your kid indirectly learns to flex his hands while memorizing numbers (counting). Besides that it also train them to learn about color

dinosaur dot to dot printable
image via www.kindergartenworksheets.net

After finishing all the pictures, now try to complete the dinosaur dot to dot image without the following numbers.

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