Difference Between a Certificate and Charter

Did You Know What Is the Difference Between a Certificate and Charter?

The definition of a charter is a media or letter containing an official statement as a gift or award. For example, a charter can, be written evidence of the participation of someone who has participated in an event or competition. Then what is a certificate? Is there a difference between certificates and certificates? Check out the explanation of the difference between the certificate and the following charter.

Certificate is a written or printed sign or statement (statement) from an authorized person that can be used as proof of ownership or an event.

Whereas a Charter is an official letter (written on stone, copper, etc.) which contains a statement of granting rights, land, etc. or contains a statement and confirmation about a matter (regarding pledges and so on).

Example gift certificate template,

image via www.wallgram.com
image via www.template.net
image via www.moziru.com
image via www.obfuscata.com
image via www.thogati.com

Paper and Size in Printing Certificates
Not only the design, but the certificate print size also needs to be known. The following are the paper sizes used for printing certificates.

A5 size (14.8 x 21 cm)
A4 Size (21 X 29.7 cm)

You can create certificates of the standard size. As for the paper material used in charter printing, it usually has at least 210-31gsm.

That is the difference between certificates and certificates that are still rarely known. Certificates and Charter essentially have the same function, it’s just used for different purposes or benefits. By understanding the differences in certificates and charter, hopefully we will not mention them wrong again.

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