Days of The Week Worksheets

Within 1 week there are 7 days, starting from Sunday to Saturday (can also start from Monday to Sunday). Day is the time needed by the Earth to rotate, namely the process of rotating on its axis. One day lasts 24 hours.

There are 2 types of days, weekdays and weekends. Weekdays consist of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday where work and school enter. While weekend days consist of Saturdays and Sundays where generally work places and schools are off (although sometimes those are still people who work on Saturday).

But for kids who don’t understand and don’t even know the names of the days, we provide days of the week worksheets to train your kids to memorize the names of the days of the week. To make it easier to work the days of the week you can download the worksheets then print as many times as needed for free.

days of the week worksheets for preschool
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days of the week worksheets kids
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If your kid has difficulty doing it, you can help him by giving instructions on the names of the days.

days of the week worksheets fun
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days of the week worksheets free download
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days of the week worksheets printable
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Well, so days of the week worksheets. It is not difficult to memorize the sequence of names of days if they are kept in mind and used in conversations.

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