Connect The Dots for Kids

One of the activities that kids love is drawing. Either draws anything, even though it’s only graffiti that is only understood by themselves and sometimes if we ask them to draw an object it is certain that the results are not appropriate.

Therefore to train their imagination, train them with pictures of connect the dots for kids.

connect the dots for kids free
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connect the dots for kids
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Kids just make a line by following the numbers that have numbers, so they just sort from the smallest number to the biggest. This activity will make your kid enthusiasm for learning.

connect the dots for kids cool
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connect the dots for kids printable
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In addition to training your kids to draw indirectly, it also trains the concentration of kids by focusing on following the numbers. Besides that your kid’s fine motor skills will also be more trained and his hands will be more flexible to write or draw. After doing the work above, next give the following picture to do again but this time without numbers.

connect the dots for kids fun
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All the images connect the dots for kids above can you download for free then you print on A4 paper give it to your kids to practice.

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