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Stimulating kid’s intelligence can be done in various ways, one of which is through drawing and coloring activities. Usually the little one likes this activity, so he won’t feel compelled to do it. Learning to coloring can also make your kid more creative. Kids will be more free to pour a variety of imagination in his head through graffiti of various colors. So that your baby’s imagination grows, when your kid coloring, don’t give too much direction. Like, the leaf must be green. Or the sky must be blue. Because it could be, in their imagination, the colors of the leaves and sky are not like the colors of the leaves and sky that we see everyday.

Learning coloring images can also help your kid express his expressions and feelings. Through images and colors, you can find out what they are currently feeling. Usually, small kids will like bright colors to color the picture. But if your kid tends to use dark colors when coloring, it could be a sign that he is feeling sad or depressed.
Now, give the following pictures of coloring pages for your kid’s:

coloring pages cool
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coloring pages for kindergarten
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Learning coloring can train kids to concentrate more. When completing pictures and coloring, your kid will focus more on completing his activities. He will be trained not to be easily disturbed even though the surrounding environment is noisy and not conducive. This ability will be useful later when your kid starts school. Even though your classmates are busy, your little one will not be disturbed and stay focused on the lessons he follows.

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coloring pages free
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Learning to coloring can not only train kid’s cognitive abilities, but also can stimulate their motor skills. By coloring, the performance of the kid’s hand muscles will be better trained. In addition, this activity also helps kids learn to hold so that it is easier for them to learn to write later on.

coloring pages for kids
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coloring pages printable
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You can download the images above for free to print and then give them to your child for coloring.

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