Clock Face Printable

When a child is 4 or 5 years old, he will learn to recognize the characteristics of clocks, short needles and long needles, or read the numbers printed on a digital watch. You can guide your kid to understand a certain moment with hours.

For example, “when the short needle is nine and the long needle is straight up, it’s a sign that you have to sleep.” But you don’t expect the kid to be able to understand the big concept to read what time it is.

clock face printable free
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clock face printables
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For the initial stage, you can invite your kid to read the numbers contained in a digital clock. For kids, these numbers may not be meaningful. But the kid will certainly feel very happy because he can already read the clock. Usually elementary school kids, grade 1 and grade 2, have begun to learn how to read the clock more complicated with short needles and long needles.

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clock face printable
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But you do not need to worry if kids aged 6 years or 7 years do not understand that number 6 can mean 30 minutes and number 3 can mean 15 minutes. However, time is an obsession for adults. Kids will be fascinated by understanding what hours, time and how it works. But they are not at all interested in allowing time to control their lives. This is a lesson where you really want to be able to help your baby to understand time. You can picyure above for teaching time to the kids.

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