Time Elapsed Worksheets

When a child, he will learn to recognize the characteristics of clocks, short needles and long needles, or read the numbers printed on a digital watch. You can guide your kid to understand a certain moment with hours. For example, “when the short needle is nine and the long needle is straight up, it’s a sign that you have to sleep.” But you don’t expect the kid to be able to understand the big concept to read what time it is.

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Days of The Week Worksheets for Kids

Every day your kid is never tired of asking, what day is this. Since entering school, every day he always asks about the day.

Nothing’s wrong. kids up to the age of seven are still alive today. Although an understanding of yesterday and tomorrow has been achieved, a deeper understanding of time is still constantly developing. Grow through awareness. Understanding the concepts of time such as day and date, grows in line with the development of consciousness (consciousness). kids get an understanding of time gradually, through very simple everyday events. For example, “Mama’s clothes are different from yesterday’s.” “My meal this afternoon is different from earlier.” From these differences, kids learn about changes in time and changes in days. That a day has a name, kids are still far from understanding it.

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Writing Worksheets for Kids

You certainly agree that the ability to write is a very important thing right? That is why, kids in school during the first time will be taught writing skills. Learning to write can start from kindergarten age. However, if the kid has shown interest in learning to write before kindergarten, you can also teach him to learn to write in a fun way.

You can invite kids to mimic how to write numbers using writing worksheets for kids. Below are pictures that you can use to teach kids how to write numbers more easily.

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Addition Worksheets for Grade 1

addition worksheets for grade 1

Teaching something new to a child feels very difficult, but sometimes the intelligence of a child is different, there is also a child who immediately understands and understands when taught new things though.

But this step may be tried to teach children to quickly count. This step is actually very simple, enough to provide additional worksheets for grade 1, can be used as a tool to teach children to understand and recognize numbers so that the child can count quickly.

addition worksheets for grade 1 for kindergarten
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Traceable Alphabet Worksheets

traceable alphabet for kids

The ability to write for anyone is very important. Agree isn’t it? Well, for that, it is important for us to be able to teach our kids or younger siblings about how to write.

Learning to write can begin at the age of the kid begins to enter school age. Even so, if the kid has shown interest in learning to write before elementary school, you can also facilitate it to learn to write.

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