Snellen Chart

Snellen Chart - Snellen chart

Snellen chart is a poster that serves to detect a person’s sharp vision. Because there is a difference between the measurement system used in Indonesia (as well as most other countries in the world) and the United States, this Snellen chart is also available in two numbers. One in the metric number and the other in the imperial number. Snellen chart metric is stated in comparison of 6 meters (6/6, 6/9, 6/12, and so on until 6/60).

While Snellen imperial chart is like the one in the picture below. The numbers are stated in the 20-foot comparison (20/20 to 20/200). Is 20 feet equal to 6 meters? Actually no: 20 feet is 6 meters more than 10 cm (exactly 609.6 cm). But of course the excess of 10 cm may be ignored.

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Potty Chart

Potty Chart - Product design

One of the important skills that you should introduce early on to your kid is potty training or training to defecate in the toilet. There will be many conveniences that you and your kid will feel if these skills have been mastered. One of them no longer depends on diapers and is free from the problem of bed-wetting in any place. But when should potty training introduced to the kid?

Potty training is best done early. Ideally, after entering the age of 18 months, the kid will be ready to do potty training, because he has been able to stand up properly, sit down, and schedule a more regular bowel movement. However, do it gradually and patiently. Remember, every kid has different readiness.

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Spot the Difference Worksheets

Spot the Difference Worksheets - Worksheet

Learning accuracy can be taught to kids from an early age. One game that is often presented in magazines and books for kids is that the game looks for differences in images that are almost the same or can also be called spot the difference worksheets. One of the goals of this game is to make the kid’s eyes more observant and patient to find differences in the pictures.

Spot the difference worksheets are an educational game. No less exciting and fun this game is played on paper prints, while the kid scribbled on parts that are not the same. Well, before downloading the spot the difference worksheets, here are the benefits of finding differences in images.

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Lined Paper for Writing

Lined Paper for Writing - Paper

Writing is something that must be taught to children as early as possible. The first thing you need to train your kid is how to hold the right pencil. Start with a pencil not with a pen because kids can understand if they make mistakes and the pencil marks can be erased. The way to hold a pencil should be exemplified by parents. The way you can provide good writing all this time is to hold the pencil part with your thumb and index finger.

While the three fingers are on the back of the index finger following the direction of the hand. Then determine the distance between the fingers and the tip of the pencil, and the pressure from the pencil to the paper is not too strong and not too weak. Start with this movement for several times until the kid understands how to hold a pencil.

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Shapes and Sides

Shapes and Sides - Shape

The introduction of shapes and sides are considered important to be introduced from an early age because it is part of form recognition learning. This is one of the earliest concepts that must be mastered by kids in cognitive development.

Kids can distinguish objects based on shapes before they are based on other characteristics. By providing an introduction to geometric shapes from an early age, kids get learning experiences that will support mathematics learning at the next level of education.

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Potluck Sign Up Sheet


In the school environment, maintaining togetherness and intimacy between friends is important so that the work atmosphere becomes more harmonious and conducive. Various ways can be done to make this happen. One of them is by holding a potluck activity.

What is potluck? Potluck is an activity or event in which each person or group of people contribute to each other to provide food or drink to be collected together and then eaten together.

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