Learn to Write Using Printable Notebook Paper

Writing is something that must be taught to kids as early as possible. The first thing you need to train your kid is how to hold the right pencil. Start with a pencil not with a pen because kids can understand if they make mistakes and the pencil marks can be erased. The way to hold a pencil should be exemplified by parents.

The way you can provide good writing all this time is to hold the pencil part with your thumb and index finger. While the three fingers are on the back of the index finger following the direction of the hand. Then determine the distance between the fingers and the tip of the pencil, and the pressure from the pencil to the paper is not too strong and not too weak. Start with this movement for several times until the kid understands how to hold a pencil.

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Difference Between a Certificate and Charter

Did You Know What Is the Difference Between a Certificate and Charter?

The definition of a charter is a media or letter containing an official statement as a gift or award. For example, a charter can, be written evidence of the participation of someone who has participated in an event or competition. Then what is a certificate? Is there a difference between certificates and certificates? Check out the explanation of the difference between the certificate and the following charter.

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Bookmark Template

Reading books may not be something that is entrenched among young people. But lately reading books has begun to be commonplace, especially for those of you who are college kids or early work periods. Either following the trend abroad or indeed reading has now become a necessity, many people who read novels or even heavy books on trains, parks, cafes, and gathering places.

If reading has become your routine, bookmarks will definitely be your needs. Because when reading a book as a whole you will not be able to finish it in one time. To mark the extent to which the page you are reading, we will provide a lovely bookmark template that you can make yourself and will make you even more enthusiastic about completing your reading.

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Guitar Chords

guitar chords chart a

From the beginning until now, guitar has always been the most popular musical instrument, especially for young people. With these musical instruments, one can produce various types of cool music.

In fact, you could say, playing guitar is one of the skills that is quite admirable, which almost everyone wants what they can do. If by chance you currently want to learn to play guitar, or even just want to improve your skills in playing guitar.

Maybe this article can help you in doing that. So, spend a little of your time listening and reading how to learn to play the complete guitar which we will review below.

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Fall Word Search

fall word search printable

A light but fun activity to fill your leisure time with your kids is by playing games. Do not have to play with console games, research tests like looking for hidden words in the following fall word search boxes are also very challenging and fun.

At first glance, you only see a random set of letters in the box, but try to pay attention, it turns out that some words are hidden there.

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Printable Box Template

box template for kids

Paper boxes are a go-to package suited for any occasion. It is a functional piece of folded paper that can be used for any type of small gifts. Regardless of the paper’s color and design, it looks beautiful when it’s properly folded. Folding a paper box is easy and can be done through these simple steps. Choose a good type of paper. The kind of paper that you use matters in making the paper box. Choose one that’s sturdy enough to withstand the folding and can stand on its own.

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Free Printable Gift Tags

Talking about birthdays, of course, everyone experiences it. Birthdays will occur every year in someone’s life, both children, teenagers, adults and even the elderly. As long as the breath still blows, the birthday will occur every year. Namely on the date and month in which you were born.

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Clock Face Printable

clock face printables

When a child is 4 or 5 years old, he will learn to recognize the characteristics of clocks, short needles and long needles, or read the numbers printed on a digital watch. You can guide your kid to understand a certain moment with hours.

For example, “when the short needle is nine and the long needle is straight up, it’s a sign that you have to sleep.” But you don’t expect the kid to be able to understand the big concept to read what time it is.

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Snellen Chart

snellen chart eye

Snellen chart is a poster that serves to detect a person’s sharp vision. Because there is a difference between the measurement system used in Indonesia (as well as most other countries in the world) and the United States, this Snellen chart is also available in two numbers. One in the metric number and the other in the imperial number. Snellen chart metric is stated in comparison of 6 meters (6/6, 6/9, 6/12, and so on until 6/60).

While Snellen imperial chart is like the one in the picture below. The numbers are stated in the 20-foot comparison (20/20 to 20/200). Is 20 feet equal to 6 meters? Actually no: 20 feet is 6 meters more than 10 cm (exactly 609.6 cm). But of course the excess of 10 cm may be ignored.

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Potty Chart

potty chart template

One of the important skills that you should introduce early on to your kid is potty training or training to defecate in the toilet. There will be many conveniences that you and your kid will feel if these skills have been mastered. One of them no longer depends on diapers and is free from the problem of bed-wetting in any place. But when should potty training introduced to the kid?

Potty training is best done early. Ideally, after entering the age of 18 months, the kid will be ready to do potty training, because he has been able to stand up properly, sit down, and schedule a more regular bowel movement. However, do it gradually and patiently. Remember, every kid has different readiness.

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