Printable Chore Charts for Kids That Will Keep Them Motivated

Printable Chore Charts for Kids

Making your child do their chores can sometimes be hard especially if the activity is cleaning. In 2019, the research found out that only 66% of parents make their kids do their chores, while others just let them be. Now, instead of just instructing them what to do, why not make it fun by using printable chore charts for kids. With these charts, kids can get motivated and keep track of what they have done.

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Family Chore Chart Printable to Keep Everyone on Track

Family Chore Chart Printable

When it comes to home chores, the responsibility is not only for the moms but also for the whole family. Based on research done in 2015, 59% of parents agree that households and chores must be done together so no one feels overwhelmed. Now to make sure each person in the family does their responsibility, it is best to get a family chore chart printable.

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Printable Baby Shower Games

printable baby shower game

Printable baby shower games are very popular games to welcome babies. Waiting for the birth of a baby will be a happy thing for every couple. What’s more, newly married couples, of course, the birth of a baby is a great gift for them.

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Tracing For Preschool

tracing worksheet

Children’s education from an early age is indeed very important as an initial process of learning before entering formal education. There are so many ways you can do to provide education to children from an early age or pre-school periods.

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Printable Rectangular Prism Net

prism net

On this occasion we will learn about various forms and fields in geometry. But before that we must know what geometry is. Geometry is the branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of images and the nature of space.

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Printable Kindergarten English Worksheets

Printable English Worksheet

Printable kindergarten English worksheets contain a collection of English learning sheets that are packaged in a simple, interesting and certainly easy to understand kindergarten children. In this study sheet there are several practice sheets which are the basic ingredients of English.

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Printable Periodic Table of The Elements

colorful printable periodic table of the elements

The periodic table is a collection of chemical elements arranged in tabular form. As in the printable periodic table of the elements below. Learning sheets containing periodic tables are presented in a variety of interesting shapes and colors, so students are more enthusiastic to learn them.

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Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies - Worksheet

Reading is a window to the world. By reading, you will get broad insight. Reading also trains you to empathize with others. In fact, studies prove that people who like to read books can live happier. Unfortunately, 90 percent of kids don’t like to read books. Begin to introduce kids to various kinds of books from childhood to foster interest in reading. Here are tips that you can apply so that kids like to read books. Reading also enhances the cognitive function of the brain to think about context and sharpens the ability to remember. Therefore, diligent reading can reduce your risk of various age-related brain diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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Basketball Award Certificates

Basketball Award Certificates - Template

It can be very exciting watching basketball games of high school and college students. You never know one of them may be picked to play professional basketball and you can say you remember them from back in the day. If you are a basketball coach and want to recognize the hard work basketball players put into practicing for them basketball games, below you will find several basketball award certificates.

The basketball award certificate are blank and you can fill in the student’s name, what they are being recognized for, the date and the basketball coach can sign the award. This looks great printed out. Storing this as a keepsake will allow your basketball team players to cherish this basketball award certificate for years to come. Students will recognize the hard work that had to be done to receive the Basketball Award Certificate.

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