Number Trace Worksheets

number trace worksheets for preschool

You certainly agree that the ability to write is a very important thing right? That is why, kids in school during the first time will be taught writing skills. Learning to write can start from kindergarten age. However, if the kid has shown interest in learning to write before kindergarten, you can also teach him to learn to write in a fun way.

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Picture of Number 1

The ability to write for anyone is very important. Agree isn’t it? Well, for that, it is important for us to be able to teach our kids or younger siblings about how to write.

Learning to write can begin at the age of the kid begins to enter school age. Even so, if the kid has shown interest in learning to write before elementary school, you can also facilitate it to learn to write.

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Color by Number Mosaic

Coloring pictures is the most exciting activity especially among kids, be it landscape pictures, house drawings, animal pictures, fruit pictures, flower drawings, cartoon, etc. Because coloring can increase creativity and can have a more developed imagination.

On this occasion we will tell the collection of color by number mosaic that very interesting because there some numbers to color on animal picture. You can take this color by number mosaic and this image quality is also good because we chose it manually. You can print this color by number mosaic on drawing paper.

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Count by 2s Worksheet

Skip counting is one of the single most useful skills we can teach our kids. Most state standards require kids to learn to skip count by 2’s, 3’s, and 5’s.

Unfortunately, this is where skip counting requirements stop in most places. This is a travesty to number sense and computation skills. It is a simple task as kids are familiar with skip counting and usually have had success with it and have self-confidence that they can do it. If kids can master this, 2’s is very useful too.

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