Puzzle Words

Puzzle Words - Word search

Many people think the benefits of playing Puzzle words are to add vocabularies. That’s right, but there are still many other benefits from this game. In fact, Puzzle words is not just a word game, but it contains mathematical aspects and strategy. The benefits of this game when described one by one are:

Along with the frequent play, the more new words will appear or come out in the Puzzle words game, the player will automatically increase his vocabulary.

Not only vocabulary, but anagrams will also be trained. You might have a good vocabulary, but in fact a puzzle words player still has to scramble to scramble the letters you can to form a word. Example: IIGGNNR. Without a good anagram skill, chances are you can’t find RINGING.

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Connect The Dots for Kids

Connect The Dots for Kids - Connect the dots

One of the activities that kids love is drawing. Either draws anything, even though it’s only graffiti that is only understood by themselves and sometimes if we ask them to draw an object it is certain that the results are not appropriate.

Therefore to train their imagination, train them with pictures of connect the dots for kids.

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Animal Word Scramble

Animal Word Scramble - Worksheet

Your kid can’t be separated from the gadget? It’s time to you to keep it away from the device and introduce games that are cheap and contain a lot of educational elements.

Like Animal Word Scramble. As one of the popular games around the world, this game turns out to have many benefits if introduced to kids early.

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Kids Word Search

Kids Word Search - Word search

A light but fun activity to fill your leisure time with your kids is by playing games. Do not have to play with console games, research tests like looking for hidden words in the following boxes are also very challenging and fun.

At first glance, you only see a random set of letters in the box, but try to pay attention, it turns out that some words are hidden in kids word search.

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Join the Dots for Kids

Join the Dots for Kids - Connect the dots

Do you know the similarities of cartoons and drawing? Yup, they are both made based on the imagination of the creator.

Kids will love watching cartoons, and you must have watched cartoons like Winnie the Pooh, SpongeBob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Mario Bros or other cartoon characters like dragons and lions. What if the kids draw them? Surely the results will not be in line with expectations and almost not at all like the cartoon character.

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Dinosaur Dot to Dot

Dinosaur Dot to Dot - Dinosaur

Problems surrounding the right time to teach kids to count have been a hot conversation. Some are pro by teaching kids to count at an early age and there are also contrast. Actually, kids who are taught to count early, greatly affect the ability to count kids in the future. But some thought it was too burdensome for their minds which they still like to play instead of learning.

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Dot to Dot Worksheets

Dot to Dot Worksheets - Line art

Does your kid like to draw? But don’t like learning to count?

Try giving a dot to dot worksheets that connects dots with numbers like this.

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Printable Mazes for Adults

Printable Mazes for Adults - Maze

You must know the printable mazes for adults. A complicated and tortuous road game

Maze is a complex, tortuous path system, and has many dead ends, so the maze is like that, a tortuous road, and full of obstacles, sometimes finding a dead end, sometimes we just spin around there.

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Respiratory System Crossword

Respiratory System Crossword - Crossword

Humans have many organ systems such as the respiratory system, circulation system and others. As well as organs, there are so many organs in the human body Children should know as much as possible about these organs and their functions, but learning by just read will quickly make you forget.

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Baby Shower Games to Print

Baby Shower Games to Print - Paper

When a baby is on the way, the parents aren’t the only ones that get excited. Odds are that the future grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, and other loved ones will also be eager to welcome the newest member of the family.

A baby shower is one of the most traditional ways in which your loved ones come together to express their joy at your pregnancy. It’s a time for friends and family to share time with the expectant parents and to “shower” them with gifts, love, and good wishes before the birth.This Baby Shower Games to Print will bring some joy in your baby shower party.

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