Benefit in Using Easy Word Scrambles for Kids to Teach Spelling and Writing

Did you know that only 12% of words in English are spelled the way they really sound? Well, if you don’t, then this may be one of the reasons why your kids face some issues in spelling lessons. Now to help your kids work on this issue, parents can use easy word scrambles for kids.

Scramble word worksheets are a bit different compared to spelling worksheets. In spelling sheets, there is no hint on what the word is except for the blank letters. On the other hand, in scramble word sheets, the letters are available, kids just need to determine the order of the letters.

Other than spelling, this worksheet can bring many benefits for kids. They can learn new words, practice their spelling in their writing. So, for parents who have never tried this worksheet, try it out because it can bring many benefits as below:

1. Practice How to Spell & Learn Synonyms

One of the reasons why most adults use easy word scrambles for kids is because it helps kids with their spelling. Kids just need to try to pronounce the word and use the clues or the letters that are available. If the word and the letters don’t match, then make them think of another word that has the same meaning.

Easy Word Scrambles for Kids

2. Learn New Vocabs

As a kid, it is normal if kids have limited vocab. Normally one of the difficulties kids will face when working on this worksheet is guessing the picture. If they guess a few times and still can’t guess the word, then help them out by telling them what it is. Then, make them pronounce the word while searching for the letters. By doing this activity kids don’t only learn how to spell but also get new vocab.

Easy Word Scrambles for Kids

3. Practice Writing

For parents who want to teach and make their kids practice a few lessons at once, then scramble word worksheets are the best choice. Other than spelling, with this worksheet, kids will also need to write the letters inside the blanks. Even though it only contains a few letters, this sheet will surely help kids with their writing.

Easy Word Scrambles for Kids

4. Learn to Make Sentences

There are many kinds of easy word scrambles for kids that parents can get. If your kids are a starter, you can choose the basic words first. However, if your kids are becoming an expert, you can upgrade the sheet into scramble words and sentences. Other than just spelling the word, kids will also have to put the words in the right order, so it makes a good sentence.

Easy Word Scrambles for Kids

5. Have Fun & Learn

If your kids are starting to get bored, then make the worksheet fun by making it a game like a Scramble game. So rather than using a worksheet, cut the letters, and put them as one. Then with your kids, play a game of scramble with the letters available. Don’t forget to write the scores down to keep your kids motivated.

Easy Word Scrambles for Kids

Easy Word Scrambles for Kids

So, if you’re looking for a worksheet that has many benefits, then download easy word scrambles for kids. They are fun and easy to work on. Most importantly, they can develop many skills at once.

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