Arabic Alphabet Worksheets as a Starter Pack to Learn the Arabic Language

The Arabic language is one of the most frequently used languages in the world. Besides, English and Chinese, Arabic is the language used in Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Uni Emirates Arab, Egypt, Iran, etc. Starting to learn about Arabic, the Arabic alphabet worksheets can be the savior as the starter pack in learning Arabic.

The Arabic alphabets have their characteristics with their lines. This language uses not only as of the communicational language, but it uses in the Holy Quran, the holy book of Islam. So, by learning Arabic, it can help the learners to study communication with the Middle East people also studies Islam as the religion.

Arabic Alphabet Worksheets

Arabic Alphabet Worksheets

The Reasons for Learning Arabic is Important

In this globalization era, the industry requires the ability to communicate with many languages, one of the languages is Arabic. For example, the airlines and tourism industry require the job applicants able to speak a minimum of two or more languages includes Arabic.

It makes Arabic become popular. Because it is including the prerequisite to apply the jobs such as hotelier, tour guide, and aircrew. So, some of the applicants are coming to the Arabic language course to get a higher chance of that position. As a result, learning Arabic is important for the applicant to get a job so they can earn money for living.

The other sector that needs Arabic is education. Some universities ask the certificate of TOAFL instead of TOEFL, TOAFL is a test of Arabic as a foreign language. It becomes the most important requirements that must be fulfilled by the candidates who want to continue their studies. Especially, at the university in Middle East countries, such as Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

Also, for those who want to know more about Islam as religion, it’s better to learn Arabic as well as English. Because by learning Arabic, the essence of each part and surah inside the Holy book can be understood well. For your information, there is a different dialect used in communication. In the Holy Quran so it is better to study Arabic formally with the tutor rather than study independently. Thus, those reasons will help to raise the awareness of the people about Arabic and its culture.

Arabic Alphabet Worksheets

Arabic Alphabet Worksheets

Arabic Alphabet Worksheets

Arabic Alphabet Worksheets

The Stage of Learning in Arabic

The stage of learning Arabic must be the following four stages. First, by knowing the alphabet is the fundamental skill in learning Arabic. It because the Arabic alphabets have different types with general letters. Also, it has a different shape when it pairs with the other letters. So, the learner must take it seriously to learn about the Arabic letters.

Second, the learner must know about the rules of reading the Arabic alphabets. By knowing the rules on how to read the Arabic alphabets it will help the learner to go to the further steps. After knowing how to read the letters, the learner’s study about how to make the words become good and understandable sentences.

It becomes a challenge for those who never learn or know about the Arabic alphabet. So, they need to focus on their study because they have a goal with learning Arabic. Then, it triggers a big motivation inside the learner to study Arabic seriously.

In the case of Arabic as the communicational language used in the Holy Quran, which is the Holy Book of Islam. So, to learn reading the Holy Quran will have different treatment because it has strict rules. The learners must know the basic Arabic alphabet letters first. Therefore, they can read the Holy Quran and have a wudu for Muslims.

Arabic Alphabet Worksheets

Arabic Alphabet Worksheets

Arabic Alphabet Worksheets


The Arabic Alphabet Worksheets as an Introduction Tool Kit

The Arabic alphabet worksheets as the starter pack to start learning Arabic. It helps the learner to study the very basic knowledge. So, the learner must be able to show that they are able to master this basic information of Arabic as a language.

It can say that these worksheets are includes in the introductory part of the lesson. Before starting the class, the teacher starts the lesson by asking the learner’s motivation. Then, the teacher giving an overview of the Arabic language as the form of the Arabic culture.

The Arabic alphabet worksheets have many types. Starting with listening and speaking skills, the learner will give the talk about how to pronounce the Arabic alphabets in general alphabets. It is to show the synchronization of the Arabic letters with general letters learned before.

Then, it continues with the training of reading and writing skills. After knowing the Arabic alphabet, so the Arabic alphabet worksheets are trying to give an exercise of the learner about how to write the Arabic letters. So, there is an Arabic letter tracing as the exercise.

Then, the combination of those language skills is the exercise using the worksheets that contain words to enrich the learner vocabulary. Some worksheets contain translation tasks, jumped sentences, and the hardest part is writing an essay or story using Arabic.

Finally, learning Arabic is not difficult as long as knowing the stage of learning. This article said that by using Arabic alphabet worksheets as the starter pack to learn Arabic. It helps the learner at the very beginning of the lesson.

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