Addition Worksheets with Pictures

Similar to writing, counting is also a basic lesson that your kid must master. But the obstacle that is often faced for parents especially is that it is very difficult to teach their kids how to count, especially if using the old method of counting fingers, they will quickly get bored and tired.

Now one easy way to practice counting is to use the addition worksheets with pictures counting exercise module for kindergarten kids that we present to you. The images presented are also very interactive like counting flowers, counting dolls and more so that kids are more easily attracted to learning.

addition worksheets with pictures free
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addition worksheets with pictures for kids
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Addition is the basic academic foundation that every kid needs to have. In fact, most countries have academic standardization which requires each grade of elementary school student to understand the concept of addition (and subtraction) to touch the number 10. So what is the easy way to teach the concept of addition to kids? Before giving addition questions, you need to first make sure that they understand the concept of “adding up” in everyday life.

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For the initial training you can give your child 1 sheet of this training module, if they are already proficient, then proceed to another module. Try for the first time you give an example so they easily follow, you can print this module using A4 and folio paper.

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